Story of Origin


There's a lot of buzz around this product feature, an exclusive to the ReCapturit Marketplace. Let us tell you a bit more about the Story of Origin TM

Although everything we sell here is amazing on its own, some of our items have added value, thanks to the places they came from.

For instance, it might be an item that it came out of a famous train station in Old Philadelphia or a Mansion in Portland, Maine, built by an Oil Magnate from northern Pennsylvania for his family’s vacations. A piece of historical craftsmanship from an Art’s & Crafts home in California, designed by a famous woman architect.

Stories are wonderful, and valuable, and ReCapturit Sellers tell their items’ "Story of Origin” whenever possible. Allowing buyers to share a unique bit of history about a beautiful, functional, fascinating item, once it is in its new home. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: ReCapturit Sellers are expected to provide a completely truthful and documentable history. We offer space in our system for sellers to include contact information for salvage companies or previous owners, and attachments that attest to an item’s authenticity.

This benefits the entire ReCapturit community of Sellers and Buyers. It is an issue of trust. Not that anyone would intentionally mislead or manufacture a false history to inflate value, but it could happen, thus the advisory here. We are grateful for the honesty of all of the businesses in our community. 

Wondering what specific information you’ll see in the Story of Origin? 

  1. Name Of Building From Which Product Was Salvaged
  2. Address Of Building From Which Product Was Salvaged
  3. Date Building Was Built From Which Item Was Salvaged (estimate if not known)
  4. Date Item Was Salvaged
  5. THE STORY: Describe Building From Which Product Was Salvaged along with any relevant and interesting history, people, and facts that help to describe this item.
  6. Chain of Ownership of the item. (This, like a chain of custody in police work, testifies to the authenticity of the item.
  7. Media: Attached files that attest to the authenticity of the item’s claimed history – photos, certificates, other image files.

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