Supply Chain Supplies Change...


More than one person has forwarded this article on to me, and I love it. Ever since I started on this journey to help launch, I've been speaking about the risks of "one and done" consumer habits, and reliance on resources that might not always be there.


Consumers (myself included) often have to feel pain before they make change. I can't buy "what I want" what else can I buy so I don't miss out?


With companies like Amazon Paint, GreenSheen Paint, and Metro Paint, consumers don't have to miss out, resources are reused, and rooms are made more beautiful with bright new colors.


II hope you'll appreciate this short article as much as I did, and I hope you'll head back over to explore our paint selection. As well as hardware, lighting, and more. All #recaptured and ready to become part of your latest construction/remodel project. 

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