Capturing a moment on the road to less waste...

Derelict house on left Deconstruction team dismantling house on right.

A woman asked me why we were starting to do consulting for cities across America. What are you going to do for them? she asked.
Construction & Demolition Waste is the LARGEST source of waste in America.

But that is not the real problem.

The real problem is:
We don't "see" it.
We don't feel it.
We don't even know it exists.

Someone needs to do something. We are someone. We are someone in a unique position to do something... significant.
So, we let you in on the secrets. We shine light onto those dark secrets and bad practices. We show you the best examples. We guide you to the things that work and we steer you away from the things that don't.
All this leads up to faster activation of solutions which help to make these problems go away:
- Resources are not infinite.
- Landfills fill up. Land and operation of landfills cost big money.
- Decaying waste leeches contaminants into soil and water and emits harmful gases into the air.
Our focus is to assist you, to educate you, and to empower you to put systems in place that accelerate your region toward a solution to the biggest waste source there is.
This means identifying and stopping wasteful practices by incorporating incentives, training and educational programs, community involvement, policies, and structure of an overall strategic plan that make sense for your region.
Your region is unique.

Do you want someone in Washington DC to tell you what you have to do in your city?
This structure must not be rigid. It must have means of modifying and adapting to changing and unseen circumstances. With these adjustments you can accelerate or slow down processes, and introduce additional resources as needed to augment what exists.

This benefits the whole ecosystem of reuse and recycling of recaptured building materials, and it benefits us all.

Why throw away entire buildings?

Waste Is Not Waste Until It's Wasted.


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