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Derelict house on left Deconstruction team dismantling house on right.

Capturing a moment on the road to less waste...

A woman asked me why we were starting to do consulting for cities across America. What are you going to do for them? she asked.Okay…Construction & Demolition Waste is...

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The New Model of Distribution of Recaptured Building Materials

Here’s the problem: Construction & Demolition Waste is the largest source of “waste” materials in America. This sector creates two times more waste every year than ALL the trash and garbage thrown away by all 330,000,000 Americans all year long. And, it’s growing faster than all the efforts to stop it.

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Technology assessing abandoned building on left new construction featuring reuse on right.

Searching the Future of Building Materials Reuse - 1

Greetings to all of you in the building materials reuse world who are prone through personal propensity to the wonky side of this industry. I am, too. I am looking at trends, tools, opportunities, and connection points outside of the existing model of recaptured building materials distribution into larger potential.

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