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Graphic of flow chart depicting a portion of the journey of used building materials from removal from a building via demolition or deconstruction.

It Is Time for Reuse to Grow Up...ward

For Reuse of building materials to expand in the United States and North America, the size of projects that can incorporate these materials needs to be expanded.

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Wise Words from the Past to Guide Our Future

You may know I am a fan of R. Buckminster Fuller. He was an Architect and inventor of the geodesic dome. My Junior high school architectural drafting teacher was friends with him. He called him, “Bucky."

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Technology assessing abandoned building on left new construction featuring reuse on right.

Searching the Future of Building Materials Reuse - 1

Greetings to all of you in the building materials reuse world who are prone through personal propensity to the wonky side of this industry. I am, too. I am looking at trends, tools, opportunities, and connection points outside of the existing model of recaptured building materials distribution into larger potential.

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Free Trials Really Should Be Free

 I had to research and purchase a new AI software this week. No really, I HAD TO. There was an urgent need. No time to procrastinate, and no good reason to put it off.

(BTW...If you're not feeling this way about your online presence, you should be. No time to wait, you should be selling online. Right now. In the right place. We can help.)

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