Free Trials Really Should Be Free

 I had to research and purchase a new AI software this week. No really, I HAD TO. There was an urgent need. No time to procrastinate, and no good reason to put it off.

(BTW...If you're not feeling this way about your online presence, you should be. No time to wait, you should be selling online. Right now. In the right place. We can help.)

But let's get back to the story about researching service providers, and the topic of this article: free trials. With niche marketplace sites, we're lucky...options are few, and wonderfully tuned to specific needs, so it's easy to pick a front runner. With AI software, however, there are LOTS of options. I had my work cut out for me. I read the comparisons, watched some videos, and finally narrowed it down to 7.

Wait 7? Yeah, because the first 5 I found promising wouldn't let me try them out without entering my credit card info.

Did that rule them out entirely? No. But the thought crossed my mind. After all of the research, 2 Businesses got my credit card information that day. They both also lost some of my trust. 

I tried 3 products in total. Unsurprisingly, the "free” trials behind the paywall weren't anymore robust or inclusive than the one I got for free on another site. Comparison behind me, I picked my software, and updated my team so they could get to work. 

That should be the end of my story. Company number one got my business, company number 2 & 3 didn't. But they came real close. They're still a great choice.  

Except that's not the end of the story. For me, a new buyer of someone else’s product, I still have to interact with the companies who didn't earn my business to make sure that they don't charge my card automatically in the next few days. 

Oh, and with one of the companies, I couldn't even cancel my trial online. I was able to buy it on their website, but not to cancel it. So I'm playing the email waiting game. 

Have you played? 

It sucks. 

It's stressful. 

I don't want to play....but I have to. 

Like many of my experiences as a buyer, it was a "Golden Rule” learning opportunity, which I'm grateful for. It's one of the many reasons why business owners who want to sell on don't have to put in their credit card info to do it. They can try our Unlimited Plan, for free, for 30 Days! Interested in learning more? Click here to schedule some time to talk with Aaron, about how can help you create your very own personalized ecommerce store. 

If you have a golden rule moment you want to share with us, add it to the comments below.


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